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Lawn Maintenance Services

Residential Lawn Care

We offer monthly residential lawn maintenance which includes mowing lawn, edging, weed eating and blowing off of debris. 

Commercial Lawn Care

We offer year long commercial contracts that include working with HOA to keep all neighborhood yards complaint with HOA rules and servicing of entrance and community areas.  Offering care of bedding, seasonal color for beds, pine straw, blowing, edging, shrub trimming and tree removal if needed.

Weed Control

Everyone wants a beautiful lawn but in today's hectic world we have little time to spend on our lawns ourselves.  Let the pros at Chandler Landscape Group give you the lawn you have always wanted.  One of our services that can be included in your monthly maintenance is weed control.  We use only the safest products on your lawn that give you not only a great looking lawn but are also safe for the environment and your family as well.   

Tree Removal

Our professional team offers a no worry tree removal service.  Our team has over 10 years experience with cutting down and felling trees of all shapes and sizes.  You may have that old tree in your yard that is just hanging on but will soon fall or you need to clear some of the trees out to allow sunlight to get to the lawn you spent your hard earned money on.  We come in and explain what will happen and let you know all your options at a price that is second to none. Please call our office to schedule a free estimate.

Timber Steps and Walls

You have a backyard you haven't seen in awhile.  Let us come in and add timber wall and steps that give your yard a great new look.  We can landscape your lawn and show you the yard you have always had but has been hiding behind all that over growth area.  Please call us to schedule your free estimate and visit our projects page to see what we have done for our other clients.


You have spent a lot of money on your yard to have it wash away when it rains.  We come out and level low spots in your yard and clear out those sections of your yard that have become overgrown with unwanted weeds and debris.  After grading and removing excess debris we can open your lawn up so you have an area that you can now enjoy with your family and friends.  Please call us to schedule a free estimate.

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What is Your Plants Hardiness Zone

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